About Me

Hey, I’m Louise

and I’m obsessed with women

If you’ve ever worked a 70+ hour week, pushed through at the gym even though you were about to collapse or found yourself moving in to the cookie cupboard because NOTHING will quench that craving, I’ve been there! After spending what felt like lifetimes trying to work out what the hell was wrong with me, I recognised that there were cyclical patterns to my behaviour.

I recognised that I was changing, and that if I chose to structure and pace my workload in a particular way, I could take the edge off and work in a way that felt like it came… naturally.

Through body literacy, fertility awareness and the teachings of the menstrual cycle, I discovered a new path into the world of leadership through menstruality, and my whole world changed.

I want that for you, too…

My mission is to educate women in the power of their menstrual cycle so they too can start to listen to the voice within, finally understand what’s actually happening and stop labeling themselves as ‘broken’ when Mama Nature has had it right all along!

I spent far too many years:

  • Taking hormonal birth control to suppress my period because it felt like such an inconvenience and so … gross!
  • Having baffling conversations with my ob-gyn when my period mysteriously disappeared for two years post-birth control (“I thought you said it would return to normal right away?!”)
  • Arguing with multiple ob-gyns about my care and never feeling completely informed
  • Pushing myself at the gym every single day and berating myself for sucking so hard when I suddenly couldn’t lift what I had the day before
  • Hiring coaches, trainers and therapists to ‘fix’ me, when nothing was wrong (apart from some out of whack hormones!)
  • Never feeling like I’d found the ‘right’ method of birth control for me and switching between them without regard for what it was doing to my body
  • Pushing through, working hard, all day ev’ry day and ignoring my body telling me to slooow the f down!

Then I found menstrual cycle awareness and the sympto-thermal method of birth control, and my whole world shifted

It felt like coming home to myself.

I could have unprotected sex with my fiancé and not get pregnant (who knew?!) I could identify when I was ovulating, schedule my most productive activities in the lead-up, and use my calendar to remind myself to take it easier afterwards. I could work hard in the gym and gain strength, then scale back without losing any of those gains. For the first time in my adult life, I felt sane when it came to my eating habits. And it was so easy … I could have been doing it forever.

Women are b-a-f-f-l-e-d when they learn these basic practices.

‘Why did no one tell me?!’ is the response, every time.

Well, ladies, I’m telling you now.

Join me and the ‘Woman in Power’ community and you’ll be set up on your own road to body literacy and menstrual cycle awareness.

As bold women, we can gain the knowledge and take back the power that is our birthright.

I’m passionate about helping you to do this, I love teaching and you’ll love learning this information about YOU!

Feel free to reach out to me to talk coaching, courses or to join the waitlist for fertility awareness training!

Louise in a white shirt and jeans

You will feel empowered and aligned in a way you didn’t even know was possible.