Birth Control - the small print

“I’ve been thinking about coming off the pill but I just can’t risk it.”

Join me in this webinar to learn all about:

The impact of hormonal birth control
How your fertility actually works
Why having natural menstrual cycles is in your interest
The fertility awareness method as a form of contraception

This is the stuff your teachers, doctors and parents never told you – most of the time because they just didn’t know. It’s all about providing you with the education you need to make informed decisions about your contraception, because you’re a grown-ass woman and you deserve to choose what’s right for you.

If you have recently come off of hormonal birth control and would like to support yourself in reinstating your natural cycle in a way that is true to your health and your nature, join me and Stefani Chan-Wright for Empowered & Radiant – a 6 week immersion guiding you to harness your feminine power. 

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