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If you are ready to go in deep so that we can level-up your life, my signature 12 week 1-1 coaching programme, Sovereign & Cyclical is for you! 

Sovereign & Cyclical uses your menstrual cycle as the gateway to discovering who you really are. It’s not about trying to become anyone else; it’s about going inside and bringing YOU out. Through cycle awareness, we add rocket fuel to the fire of your life so that you can accelerate toward the fullest expression of who you are and finally start living a life you’re in love with.

I help you achieve your goals using the menstrual cycle as a catalyst for change.

When women first discover menstrual cycle awareness, they experience a range of emotions. You might start out completely grossed out by the idea of getting more involved with your period than absolutely necessary, but even when that is the case, many women keep coming back to learn more. The intrigue turns to fascination, often there is anger and grief, and then comes the determination to learn more, to know allthethings and to pass on this valuable information to the other women in your life. 

The phrase I hear so often is “Why did no one tell me?”. There is a massive gap in our education. The wisdom of our cycles has been lost; doctors, ob/gyns, teachers and our mothers weren’t taught this information, so they are unequipped to pass it on to us. But there is a shift happening, more and more women are coming back to this practice and seeing for themselves the profound impact it can have on their lives. Once we know what we are looking for, we discover that everything we need is within us. 

Here’s what my clients say:

“Louise has a great ability to be relatable and acknowledge the emotions behind learning this information whist reassuring that there are ways to work through it all, take it in bit by bit and reconnect with our bodies when we have been discouraged from doing so for so long.” 

Grainne O'Reilly

“I learnt more about my body in one hour with Louise than I have in my 31 years on this planet. Louise opened up this whole new way of looking at life and I’m shook – in a really good way. She is a guardian angel for our wombs!”

Laura Phythian

“ The only word for my session with Louise was WOW! Louise expertly guided me through my somatic session, invoking my body’s own inherent wisdom by weaving in my menstrual cycle. It was truly incredible to see how my cycle synched up with the rest of my mind and body and to have that naturally guide me back to a place of true wellbeing.”

Stefanie Chan-Wright

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sync with my cycle if I’m on the pill?

Hormonal birth control works by disrupting your fertility, so you don’t experience the same fluctuations as you would if you were cycling naturally. There is nothing to stop you tracking the changes you observe within yourself – some women like to sync up with the moon, others prefer to notice how their energy levels or their appetite fluctuate naturally.

That being said, hormonal birth control is disruptive not only to your fertility but also to your health and most women have no idea what damage it is doing to them. I highly recommend the books ‘The Pill – Are you sure it’s for you?’ by Alexandra Pope, ‘This is your brain on birth control’ by Dr Sarah Hill and ‘Beyond the Pill’ by Dr Jolene Brighten. I believe all women are entitled to give informed consent for the medication they are given and this is not the case when it comes to birth control. If you choose to come off of hormonal birth control, I’ll be ready and waiting to teach you the symptothermal method of fertility awareness, which is as effective at preventing pregnancy as the pill, without the nasty side effects!

I have irregular/missing/painful periods. Can you help?

It depends. Cycle awareness can bring a whole new experience to your period, If you allow it, the cycle can be a spiritual practice which opens you up to your intuition and guides you towards whatever is causing the issue you’re experiencing. Often just by bringing awareness to your cycle, we can entice it back, bring regularity or reduce pain. At the same time, irregular, missing and/ or painful periods can be a sign of an underlying medical condition which should be investigated. I am not a doctor, so I won’t give you medical advice or specific supplement recommendations. I will, however, help you in the best way I know how. I’ll be up front about what I can and can’t help with and I’ll pass on recommendations of some incredible people if I believe they will be able to serve you in the areas where I can’t.

I am trying for a baby, or I plan to soon. Is this for me?


Getting to know your cycle, even for a short time before conception, is a glorious gateway into connecting with your body and preparing for pregnancy and motherhood. This is an empowering practice and many women who engage with it feel better-equipped to speak up for themselves when receiving care through pregnancy. The additional benefit is that by tracking, or by using fertility awareness, you can identify your fertile window and increase your chances of conception.