Empowered & Radiant

A 6 week online immersion guiding you to
harness your feminine power

with Woman in Power and Deeply Radiant


Tell us if this sounds like you…

  • You are interested in living a more holistic lifestyle, but you struggle to stick with it consistently
  • You have been tripped up in the past by mainstream diet culture; fasting, meal plans, 30 day weight-loss hacks – but nothing gives you that feeling you’ve been searching for
  • Life can feel like an uphill battle, some days you’re totally crushing it… but a week later your attention is wandering, you’re feeling sluggish and wondering how you ate that entire bag of cookies
  • You feel like there’s something missing. You know that when you find it, everything will fall into place, but you just haven’t grasped what it is yet.

We created Empowered & Radiant for you…

Bold, strong, feminists like you deserve to know how to support and live within your natural rhythms. And you deserve a loving community of supportive women holding you whilst you begin to implement what you are learning, because knowing is only half the battle. 

It is your birth right to blossom in the holding and the beauty of your cyclical nature. We’re here to help you live it.

When you do, your life, your health and your radiance will transform.

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Louise & Stef x